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The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
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Silly songs of six trees and a waterlily

Performance artist, John Hinton, will be pictching his tent at the Garden today where he'll be singing songs of six trees and a waterlily!
The Garden has been working with John Hinton from The Campsite collective,who has written and performed plays and songs on specific topics with particular interest in the sciences, including the comedy musicals ‘Albert Einstein: Relatively speaking' and ‘The Origin of the Species’.

At the Garden, John has been particularly inspired by the trees and the Santa Cruz waterlily and has developed some unique poetic voices and attitudes for them - see the Youtube trailer below! Plus, here's a sneak preview of the song of the Wollemi pine, only discovered in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia in the mid 1990s :

What am I?
I’m a Wollemi.

Strewth! It’s uncouth
The brutality of the youth
My first time out of Australia
Has been a complete and utter failure

You see, I’m a tree with an ‘istory
How I survived this long is a mystery
They thought I was extinct
And yeah I was on the brink
But that ain’t the end of this story.

To hear the end of the story in song, do pop along to the Garden today. John says: 'I have had the pleasure of making friends with seven individual plants at the Garden – six trees and a water lily; they told me their stories, and those are the stories I shall be recounting to you. What I do best is writing silly songs, so that’ll be what the show will consist of mostly. What I do worst is abstract painting, so this show combines the best and worst of me as I'll be including seven abstract acrylics that I painted when I’d met these plants just once!'.

John will be pitching his tent at the Garden on Saturday 1 November and performances happen on the hour from 12 noon.
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