Sunset tops the half-term taste test

Over 500 children came to the Garden's mini apple days during half-term to taste five different kinds of apples, kindly donated by Cam Valley Orchards.
On trial were Egremont Russet, Cox, Saturn, Sunset and a supermarket favourite, Royal Gala. Although the rough-skinned, dry tasting Egrement Russet came a close second, the overall winner was the delicious Sunset. Director of the Botanic Garden, Professor John Parker, says:

"Sunset is a small, flattish apple, raised around 1918 in Kent, and is a seedling from Cox's Orange Pippin. It is aromatic and intensely flavoured, and is also beautiful with golden skin, an orange flush, and red striping. It is ideal for small gardens, and for small children."

The children cast their tasting votes on a large graph using apple prints, and were also able to make masks from seasonal leaves and seedheads and make apple-print pictures.
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