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The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
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Changing the world one seed at a time: #nextgreatidea film explains all...

A flower seed mix designed with added science from Garden Director, Beverley Glover, is one of six world changing ideas featured in a new 90 second film launched today by Cambridge Enterprise.
Commissioned by Cambridge Enterprise (CE), the commercialisation arm of the University of Cambridge, the film showcases some of the world-changing ideas CE has supported in the journey to market, including a throw-to-grow flower seed mix developed through a collaboration between Professor Beverley Glover and Moles Seeds. Professor Glover's research focuses on the evolution and development of floral traits that are important in attracting animal pollinators, and the throw-to-grow mix blended and marketed by Moles Seeds includes both flowers for nectar and flowers for pollen so to provide food from early spring through to autumn. Professor Glover said, Cambridge Enterprise were invaluable in helping us develop and test the idea through to market", adding that "This film is a fantastic showcase for the great ideas that come out of Cambridge, as well as for the role of Cambridge Enterprise in making that happen".

The film, a distinctive take on innovation, employs a custom-built chain-reaction device, taking viewers beyond the licences, patents and investment that are central to CE, by illustrating the impact of commercialising University research. Using models, pyrotechnics and one very patient University Professor, the #nextgreatidea video illustrates some of the work the company has supported commercially. As well as Professor Glover's seed mix for Moles, the film features the anti-thrombin drug ichorcumab, which has the potential to save millions of lives, a revolutionary suspension technology used in Formula 1 racing, a programme to prevent ideological extremism and intergroup conflict, software that creates innovative music at the touch of a button, and a breakthrough in DNA sequencing technology.

Click below to watch the film on YouTube or click on the link to the left to discover more about Cambridge Enterprise.
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