It's official: we're a Winter Wonderland

The Botanic Garden is a top-ten winter wonderland, as selected by Stephen Anderton, garden writer for The Times
In The Times on Saturday, horticulturalist and journalist Stephen Anderton poses the question: what does it take for a garden to look good in winter? He concludes that both a garden and a person need the same essentials in place to look good naked, writing, 'When the floral outfit is whisked away, it’s all down to good bones, good proportions and strength of character.'

Happily, the Cambridge University Botanic Garden ticks all these prerequisites, and made his list of top ten winter wonderlands in the company of jewels such as Stowe and the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Stephen urges readers not to miss the Glasshouse Range here with its cacti, alpines, tropical and famous jade vine, before drawing attention to our tree planting policy of trialling which trees do well in the 'horrendously dry' Cambridge climate.

Pertinently, a new course in our 2011 calendar will reveal the secrets of designing for year-round interest. To find out more, click the link left.

Curiously, our beautiful Winter Garden doesn't get a mention, but perhaps he wants to keep the original masterclass in designing for winter interest to himself!
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