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The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
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Trainee blogpost: October Autumn Glory

This month, it’s all about autumn colour. Trainee Will Greenfield, blogs about his busy month working on the Trees and Shrubs section alongside Mark Crouch, Section Supervisor and Deputy Head of Horticulture, and his Assistant Ian Barker
Autumn tree identificationAutumn tree identification
October 2016

Trees and Shrubs is a vast section that encompasses nearly all areas of the Garden, and includes specialist areas such as the Rose Garden and Autumn Garden. Much of the work on this section is strenuous, as I’ve found out first hand! Key tasks have included adding mulch to the dry shade area near the Garden Café, and adding to the existing display with plantings of Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae, Digitalis purpurea and Epimedium.

One of the learning outcomes for trainees on this section is identifying a wide range of trees and shrubs, and thinking about their various horticultural merits. For me this has been a real help, as it feeds in well to this month’s plant identification test. Each month, all the trainees are taken through the Garden to learn about various plants in the collection, before being tested on twenty of them the following week. I’m a keen photographer so I often take photographs of each plant to use as a memory jogger when revising and it’s been great to see some of them being used on the Garden’s social media feeds and Instagram page too!

This section has also been carrying out behind-the-scenes renovation work behind the Glasshouses. We’ve been involved in the removal and woodchipping of mature shrubs. This is in addition to the seasonal clear up of the herbaceous borders around the Rose Garden.

The work has been physically rewarding - and it definitely keeps you in shape! Cutting back overgrown plants to open up better views has also been very satisfying. This month all the other trainees also had a chance to sample the physically demanding work involved on the section. They joined us to help plant two beautiful Metasequoia trees not far from the Station Road entrance. All that digging certainly burnt up the calories!

One of the real highlights working on this section at
this time of year has been working among trees such as Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’ and Zelkova serrata as they show off their beautiful colours and it’s been great seeing them change on an almost daily basis.

Will Greenfield - Trees & Shrubs
Horticultural Trainee

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