Watch timelapse film of Titus, our Titan Arum, grow

This timelapse footage was taken over 8 days between 19-26 June 2017.
The short film shows how this amazing plant from Indonesia grows taller and fatter, before finally bursting into full bloom at the Garden late afternoon on Monday 26 June.

After an impressively smelly opening, Titus (as it was christened by the public) was pollinated on the 26th June and its pollen was collected the next day and then frozen.

We will know by the end of July if pollination was successful. If it is, the fruits should be fully ripened by December when we will extract seed and endeavour to grow seedlings to share with other Botanic Gardens and grow our own baby Titans.

Conserving and learning about endangered species such as the Titan Arum are vital aspects of our work at the Botanic Garden and we hope that by creating more Titan Arums we will be able to find out even more about these amazing plants.
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