Discover the Giants of the Garden with our family winter tree trail

Discover the Giants of the Garden Discover the Giants of the Garden
If you’ve visited the Garden recently you may have had that strange feeling of being watched as six of our favourite trees have each been given a pair of eyes for a family trail called 'Giants of the Garden'.

The eyes can be spotted on a Golden Willow, a Giant Redwood, a Hop Hornbeam, a Eucalyptus, a Strangler Fig and the Grafted Beech, all located in different areas of the Garden.

Families doing the free trail pick up a trail map from the Garden’s ticket office and then make their way to each of the trees, creating a magical nature wand as they go.

At the start of the trail, children choose a stick (wandwood) which then gradually becomes a powerful magic wand as they are challenged at each of the trees to hunt for specific fallen items to add to the wand to increase its magical properties.

The trail also includes interesting stories about each of the trees - how the strangler fig squeezes other trees to death and the story behind the grafted beech which was originally formed from two separate plants.

The Garden’s Visitor Services team are looking forward to spotting magic wands out and about in the Garden - do share them with us too - tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @CUBOtanicGarden #CUBGMagicWands #GardenGiantsl!

The Giants of the Garden trail is included in the normal admission price and available to collect from the Garden’s ticket offices until the end of March 2018.
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