Running wild: the grass maze re-opens

Just in time for the summer holidays, the demonstration and display team have got the re-planted grass maze sufficiently established to re-open the Garden's most popular 'letting off steam' feature!
The maze has been re-planted this year as a double spiral and the paths bark-chipped. We hope that this new approach will still encourage the running races to the centre, but that with the pathways easier to pick out, perhaps there will be fewer detours through the grass walls! This, we hope, will considerably extend the life of the maze so that we will not have to re-plant (and close it while the young plants establish) quite so often. Watch this space!

The walls are grown from the tactile grass, Anamanthele lessoniona, that turns a lovely bronze in late summer, rustles and sways in the gentlest breeze, and makes for a very inviting racetrack that is perennially popular with children. As a bunch grass, new shoots arise from inside the clump rather than by new growth spreading away from the centre.
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