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The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
The multitude of golden black-eyed Susan is setting the Autumn Garden aglow.
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Painting White Flowers in Watercolour

Petula Stone
Tuesday 22 May - Wednesday 23 May 2018

Painting white flowers is a particular challenge for the botanical illustrator and flower painter, but with an understanding of the techniques required which are provided on this two-day course, stunning results can be achieved.

Choosing from the range of flowers available in the Garden at this time of the year, Petula will demonstrate how to paint white flowers. Not by painting the flowers themselves, but by laying washes of colour behind the flower drawing and leaving the white of the paper to achieve the shape and the colour of the flowers. This is known as 'negative painting', and Petula will demonstrate how to achieve smooth washes of background colour, how to build layers of colour and add subtle backgrounds to achieve beautiful white flowers without any outlines.

Petula will also demonstrate all the techniques of watercolour painting, such as colour mixing, 'wet into wet' painting, dry brush painting, layering glazes of colour and negative painting as previously described. As well as demonstrations to the class, Petula will be available for individual tuition and guidance at all times.

The two-day course is suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced painter.
10 am - 4 pm
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Botanical Art
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