Grass Maze

Turf mazes were a common feature of villages in Medieval England. Our grass maze is a double spiral and its ‘walls’ are grown from the New Zealand bunch grass, Anemanthele lessoniana.
This tactile grass, that turns a lovely bronze in late summer, rustles and sways in the gentlest breeze, and makes for a very inviting racetrack that is perennially popular with children. As a bunch grass, new shoots arise from inside the clump rather than by new growth spreading away from the centre. This helps the maze resist the onslaught of these umpteen races to the centre post. Nevertheless, we have to replant the maze usually every other year, meaning that it is occasionally unavailable!

Close by is another planting that children find intriguing, Healthy Herbie. Healthy Herbie is a person-shaped bed stocked with plants used to produce or researching drugs for licensed use. For more, follow the link left.