Mediterranean Beds

These beds house a representative selection of plants from around the Mediterranean Basin. They form part of a larger collection of plants from the five areas of the world that have Mediterranean climates, that is cool wet winters and hot dry summers. The Continents Apart House and its surrounding outdoor bays house plants from the Mediterranean areas of South Africa and Australia, adjacent bays include plants from California and Chile.
Plants from the Mediterranean Basin are by far the most important for UK gardeners and include popular shrubs such as Cistus and Lavandula, while the fastigiate Pencil Cedar, Cupressus sempervirens and the pea relative, Spartium junceum provide feature plants. Bulbs and annuals, both important life forms in the Mediterranean, are well represented. This area extends to the entrance patio to the Glasshouse Range where the emphasis is on economic plants from the Mediterranean basin and here figs, pomegranates and the bay laurel can be found. As one of the driest parts of the UK, Cambridgeshire is well suited to the cultivation of Mediterranean plants.