Tropical Wetlands

The Tropical Wetlands house is replanted each spring with the stunning Santa Cruz waterlily, Victoria cruziana, which unfurls enormous, ferociously spiked lilypads one after another before producing its extraordinary transgender flowers, which open female the first night and male the second night. You can find out the full story of this Paraguayan beauty's beetle-kidnapping, sex-change tendencies by watching the short film 'Growing Pains: the life and times of Victoria Cruziana', narrated by our Glasshouse Supervisor, Alex Summers, via the link to the left. Sharing the pool this year are several fine plants of the sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera.
Complementing the tropical open water, the surrounding boggy plantings are brimful all summer with large leaved tropicals from lime green to deep purple, against which a great diversity of passionflowers shinned up wires to clothe the ceilings with both bee and bird pollinated flower species.