Tropical Wetlands

The Tropical Wetlands house, which opened in May 2013, has enthralled visitors and staff alike as the enormous lilypads of the Santa Cruz waterlily, Victoria cruziana, unfurled one after another before producing its extraordinary transgender flowers, which open female the frst night and male the second night.
Complementing the tropical open water, the surrounding boggy plantings have been brimming all summer with large leaved tropicals from lime green to deep purple, against which a great diversity of passionflowers shinned up wires to clothe the ceilings with both bee and bird pollinated flower species.

But these fasincating and quick-growing tropical beauties deterioriate quickly in display, meaning that we have elected to grow the house fresh each year. The Tropical Wetlands house is now closed for replanting, and will re-open on 1 February 2014. It will temporarily play host to our Orchid Festival, before a fast-growing new crop of Victoria cruziana is re-introduced to the pool in May.