Lonicera elisae

Lonicera elisae is one of several woody honeysuckles currently in flower.
The genus Lonicera numbers some 180 species of shrubs and climbers. The Garden holds a National Collection of shrubby Lonicera species, a number of which are winter and spring flowerers. Many of these are large, reaching in excess of 2m in height and width, but L. elisae is less vigorous, having a compact, upright habit. The elegant, pendent flowers are borne as the new leaves emerge.

It was first described from a collection made by Adrien Franchet in China in the 19th century, and was named after Elisa Bailly de Vilmorin, the wife of the eminent scientist and plant breeder of the 1800's, Louis de Vilmorin. It did not come into cultivation until the 1980's when it was introduced from western Hubei by Roy Lancaster.
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