Petrocosmea minor

The Mountains House continues to deliver winter interest, with Petrocosmea minor being a current highlight.
The Gesneriaceae, African violet family, is predominantly pantropical and contains approximately 150 genera. Ramonda and Jankaea occur in the Pyrenees and Balkans, and the genus Petrocosmea occurs in the shady mountains of Asia. Each of these has a characteristic basal rosette of downy, felted foliage. Petrocosmea minor has lobed, asymmetrical tubular purple flowers with a white-flushed corolla tube. Occurring in the mountains of Yunnan, China, it grows on shady ledges at 1000 - 2200m altitude. In cultivation it requires a gritty, humus-rich compost, and is best suited to a well-ventilated, cold greenhouse, where it can be protected from damp conditions.
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