Broussonetia kazinoki

The intriguing fruits of Broussonetia kazinoki can be spotted beneath the canopy of this tree situated along the West Walk.
Broussonetia kazinoki is a member of the mulberry family, and has a natural distribution of China, Japan and Korea. The toothed leaves are occasionally lobed, are ovate in shape and are rough in texture. The fruits are orbicular and as the berries ripen to a bright orange they emerge through their woolly casing to fascinating effect. The genus Broussonetia is distinct from the mulberry, or Morus, genus in having softer, pithier wood. Such is the fibrous nature of the wood of B. papyrifera that it is used in Japan in the production of paper, hence the common name paper mulberry. The genus takes its name from Pierre Broussonet (1761-1807), who was professor of botany at Montpellier.

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