Epimedium x warleyense

Clumps of this beautiful hybrid Epimedium in the Berberidaceae family line the Stream Garden. The flowers are large, unspurred and held well aloft on wiry stems in delicate sprays of soft yellow and coral. The four sepals form a finely veined canopy to the tubular flower.
It is named for Warley Place, the Edwardian home and garden of Miss Ellen Wilmott, a wealthy heiress who at the height of her passion for horticulture also owned gardens in France and Italy and employed over 100 gardeners. In 1897 she was one of the first sixty recipients (and one of only two women) to receive the Victoria Medal of Honour from the recently-founded Royal Horticultural Society. She wrote books including a monograph The Genus Rosa, but with scant regard for matters financial, she died alone and almost destitue in 1934. The lovely silver sea holly, Eryngium giganteum is sometimes known as Miss Wilmott's Ghost. She loved the plant so much she would surreptitiously scatter its seed in others' gardens to appear the following spring uninvited.

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