Pinus nigra (European black pine)

Alpha and Beta pinene

Pinene is a bicyclic monoterpene of which there are two isomers, alpha- and beta-pinene. Both are found in pine resin and in many other coniferous tree species, and also in rosemary and eucalyptus oils.
Pinene belongs to the terpenoids, a highly variable class of naturally-occurring organic chemicals found extensively in flower plants and most familiar to us for their aromatic qualities.

Alpha- and beta-pinenes are the principal constituents of turpentine, an important solvent and source of materials for organic synthesis. Pinenes are the source of many synthesised and natural aromatic compounds used in perfumery, and pine oil is used for its anti-bacterial properties.

The Botanic Garden has a wonderful collection of pine trees, with the original Old Pinetum dating from the foundation of the Garden in 1846 and the New Pinetum established in 1960s.

The pairing of the two Black Pines, Pinus nigra, opposite each other on the Main Walk was designed by the Garden's founder, Professor John Henslow, to show the extremes of variation in form at the far reaches of the Black Pine's distribution.

Pine is the Bach Flower Remedy for guilt.

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