Voicing the Garden

Got a story to share about the Garden? We want to hear it!
All day on Festival of Plants our volunteers will be ready to record your stories and find out what you love or loathe about the Garden and to understand what the Garden means to you. Whether you've been visiting for decades or only discovered the Garden this year, we want to gather up your impressions and memories as part of our oral history project, Voicing the Garden.

Voicing the Garden will not only create an important historic research archive detailing the developments and changes at the Botanic Garden over the last sixty years, but it will lead to a new sharing website of anecdote and reminiscence that will continue to invite and host recollections from all our visitors and supporters.

So drop in to find out more about Voicing the Garden, enjoy some photos from the archives, take part in a recorded interview (not as daunting as it sounds!) and 'map your love' on our giant plan of the Garden using post-it notes to tell us what's your favourite part or plant and why.

Use this map to position the marker. Click on the position you want on the map, then click the save button above.