Apple produce and stalls

The Apple Edibles tent, even bigger than before, will see familiar favourites with juice and cider tasting from Watergull Orchards alongside the delectable cakes of the WI and Tom’s Cakes and Richard's honey hived at the Botanic Garden. Plus, giving advice on the perfect cheese for the russet will be the Cambridge Cheese Company. We welcome back Alison Reed Chocolates, Completely Chilli and the Ely Gin Company, and are excited to introduce several newcomers to Apple Day including the Kandula Tea Company and Mark Shepherd Design Company.
You can also talk to the ladies from the Kolomna Pastila who are keen to introduce you to this Russian tea-time delicacy made from apples and to the great ceremonies that surround it. We are also proud to be help PiNGS - People in Nature, Gardens and Sheds launch their green tool library. PiNGS are an informal network of community gardeners and people interested in benefiting from gardening for health projects locally, including as volunteers. If you have any unwanted or extra garden tools, it would be great if you could bring them along to donate to the green tool library. You'll also find experts on hand from the RSPB and the Wildlife Trusts who'll be able to answer all your wildlife questions.

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