Apple identification, care and pruning

Experts from the East of England Apples and Orchards Project (EEAOP) will also be on hand offering an identification, pruning and care advice service, including a selection of heritage rootstocks available to order for autumn planting and a display of Cambridgeshire apple varieties.
Visitors with apples to identify should bring at least two to three representative samples along reflecting the range of sizes and colour of fruits found on the tree and ensuring the stalks are intact – an important diagnostic feature – and a few leaves can be helpful too.

The team are currently looking for a several local 'lost' apples varieties which were in still in existence in the 1930s, so may still exist as old trees in the city or in the villages around it. For example, Haggerstone Pippin, from Cambridge, and Colwell, Barton and Histon Cropper from the Histon area. Let’s hope citizen science in action will bring a lost heritage variety to light!

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