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Beautiful blossom on the Yoshino Cherry
Beautiful blossom on the Yoshino Cherry
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Apple Tasting and Sales

We have scoured the region to bring together over 30 locally-grown varieties to try before you buy, including seldom sold and heritage varieties ranging from the tiny, musky Pitmaston Pineapple to the rough-skinned and dry tasting Egremont Russet, from the nutty flavoured Adam’s Pearmain to the rather risqué sounding Belle de Boskoop – perhaps Adam and Belle should get together!
So pick up your tasting notes and work you way down the tables to discover if your palette prefers the strawberry flavoured Worcester Pearmain or the peardrop of Ashmead's Kernel, before stocking up at the sales tables. Please note that the entrance to the Apple Tasting and Sales Tent is between the Limestone Mound and the Dry Garden, off the Bateson Walk.

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