Echeveria elegans var simulans

Tucked right at the back of the Glasshouse Bay running down alongside the Arid Lands planting is mini desert of succulent plants. Echeveria elegans var simulans forms rosettes of fleshy broadly spoon-shaped silver-blue leaves from the centre of which rises bright bubblegum pink flower stems. These divide into a single-sided cyme of egg-shaped, orange and yellow-tipped pink flowers, set off by a star of five pointed sepals. Honeybees need to pack up their wings tightly to squeeze into the small bells, disappearing so that only the abdomen is visible before reversing out to probe another flower to see if it is sufficiently open to allow access.
Native to Mexico and in the Crassulaceae family, a new world plant family distributed across the dry, semi-desert areas of the USA, Mexico, Central America and along the Andes.

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