Liquidambar orientalis

The oriental sweet gum is taking on hints of autumnal colours.
Though similar in leaf shape to the maples, the genus Liquidambar is distinct in having alternate, rather than opposite leaves. The lobed leaves of Liquidambar orientalis are taking on late autumnal colourings of golds and reds. The clusters of fruit are also evident at this time of year.

A native of Asia, the oriental sweet gum, has smaller leaves than the American sweet gum (L. styraciflua), and is far less dramatic in its autumnal hues. It is a slow growing tree which can reach 30m in height. Liquid storax, a viscid, balsamic resin is produced from the inner bark, and this is reputedly one of the constituents of 'friar's balsam', which is used in the treatment of bronchial conditions.
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